Domains for Pizza


A number of people are asking if they can add there domains for sale on The Domains If you would like to have your domain listed here for sale, please see the following details on how to to get your domain added.

I can write an article or you can write your own article about your domain or industry related to your domain as a guest post and I can add it to my blog, with your contact details, email address and information that you want added on the article. Pictures are welcome in the article.
If you get any interested parties in the domain you can contact me and I will broker the domain for you, I charge 10% commission of what the domain sells for and I try sell the domain for the best price as if you get a better price for the domain, I get more commission  no sale, no commission. Please also advise what price you would like for each domain added and what period it is available for sale. 
Domains are pizza: As editing, proof reading and uploading the article takes time about less than an hour as I run by myself and I am human, I like pizza and  I see it as a kind gesture, I just ask that you pay for a pizza. Yup a pizza. You can choose a pizza from Scooters Pizza which is down the road from me and breakfast, lunch or supper will be on you. I will also write your domain name(s) in permanent ink on the pizza box and will take a picture and add it as a picture or link to the article to give thanks and praise. I will also Tweet out to my 690+ Twitter followers the link to the article and if you on Twitter will tag you in if you want, just give me your @name or  @business.


Please select any Large pizza from the menu
Pizza menu:
Download the PDF Menu here:
If from South Africa email me for banking details in you are also based in South Africa.
Overseas / International email me and I will send you banking details with swift code.
Alternatively via Paypal:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Donate a Pizza! Get your domain(s) added!
If you do not want to buy me pizza but still want your domain(s) added to
The Domains website, $10 would be equivalent value to have your domain list.

All the BEST,
Darryl Lopes

Fine print:
Article will be loaded within 48 hours of pizza or payment received.
Maximum domains listed per pizza or $10 equivalent is 10 domains listed.
Pizza must be chosen from the Scooters pizza menu provided.
Pizza must be a Large.
Additional toppings added at your own cost.
Domains will be listed on The Domains website under main blog or sub heading "Domains for Pizza"

Thank you.