Asteroid Mining Domains

Domains and Asteroids 


Just want to start off with these quotes and see how domains and asteroids can relate.

"Domains have and will continue to go up in value faster than any other commodity EVER known to man" - Rick Schwartz 

"Asteroids are the best real estate in the Solar System." - Planetary Resources.

Both on Earth and in space there is valuable resources, which are found, bought, stolen, sold, traded, lost and made.

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Asteroid Mining Mission Revealed by Planetary Resources, Inc.


Planetary Resources

Planetary Resources is the leading asteroid mining company, looking towards space to mine asteroids.

We’re looking for a few good asteroid miners

Planetary Resources is on the lookout for some amazing people. If you are amazing, please continue to read.

Here is why joining Planetary Resources will change your life:

  1. We are finding new ways to explore space beyond Earth orbit.
  2. We are a growing business with incredible people who are dedicated to Planetary Resources’ long-term objectives.
  3. Like all small businesses, we are a family. We love our team and what we do.
  4. You will get your hands dirty. If you prefer your hands clean, go somewhere else.
  5. We have a grill. We are not afraid to use it.
  6. Seattle, Washington. Ok, so it rains. It’s gorgeous, and anyone who says otherwise is from California.
  7. Bottom line – we build spaceships and explore asteroids. If you need any other motivation to apply, don’t bother.

We’ve written up some additional context in this blog post.

Planetary Resources' mission is to mine near-Earth asteroids for raw materials, ranging from water to precious metals. Through the development of cost-effective exploration technologies, the company is poised to initiate prospecting missions targeting resource-rich asteroids that are easily accessible. 

Resource extraction from asteroids will deliver multiple benefits to humanity and could be valued at billions of dollars annually. The effort will tap into the high concentration of precious metals found on asteroids and provide a sustainable supply to the ever-growing population on Earth. 

The company was founded by space visionary Peter H. Diamandis, M.D. and leading commercial space entrepreneur Eric Anderson, and is supported by an impressive investor and advisor group, including Google's Larry Page & Eric Schmidt, Ph.D.; film maker & explorer James Cameron; Chairman of Intentional Software Corporation and Microsoft's former Chief Software Architect Charles Simonyi, Ph.D.; Founder of Sherpalo and Google Board of Directors founding member K. Ram Shriram; and Chairman of Hillwood and The Perot Group Ross Perot, Jr.


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