My name is Darryl Lopes

My name is Darryl Lopes


"howzit - hello, how are you, good morning (despite being a contracted of 'how is it going', howzit is almost exclusively a greeting, and seldom a question)"

I live in South Africa, Cape Town, in the beautiful town of Somerset West.

Aerial view of Somerset West with Hottentots-Holland Mountains in the background.

I am a domainer and domain name broker. I studied Web Design in college in Somerset West, so I could build websites for myself, family and friends and small businesses in Somerset West to get online. 

I got into domain industry when I stumbled upon a blog post by Danny Batelic, a guitarist become domainer, when he wrote that he was buying and selling domain names, websites without any content and making huge profits. I thought if he can do it, I can to, so I started reading more and more about domains, on and off reading about the fantastic news of sales and breakthroughs at the end of 2011 and whole of 2012, before I registered my first domain.

Yes, I still made rookie mistakes, registering domain names that I heard will be the next fad or new product before anyone else could register them yet little or no traffic comes to the domain or it was just a fad and next day there is something new. I also was registering names from my own ccTLD the COZA and not .COM, which can be more difficult to sell because there is less people in the audience but it's not impossible.

"Best advice I can give you is target oceans of people not puddles or ponds. The bigger audience you can naturally attract, the better" - Rick Schwartz he told me.

I want to be known as a South African domainer who knows how to sell and broker domains in my own country and be the best one at it. 

Yes .COM is king, however as discussed in this interview I did with 

"An example is someone in South Africa working a business is more than likely (I would say 80% of the time) will have their business website and email address with a .CO.ZA and NOT .COM as you might think. We are proud to be South African’s and thus we are proud of .CO.ZA!" - Darryl Lopes

I have been successful in the South African CO.ZA domain space and by only registering buying, selling and brokering domain names, I have definitely made more money with domains than I have ever made with webdesign and building websites. I enjoy the domain industry and I will continue to grow the domain industry in South Africa.

I started The Domains to build a network of domainers in South Africa. I would like to report news that happens in South Africa relating to the CO.ZA ccTLD. I also use The Domains to get leads from end users looking to buy and sell CO.ZA domains.

All the BEST,
Darryl Lopes